Beats Antique & Filastine – Post Paradise

My favorite belly dancing electronic music act rolled through The Bean this past long weekend. Beats Antique killed it at the Paradise on Saturday night, opening for them was Filastine and the duo Thornato & Tumi of the Cumba Mela Collective.

All in all, a great night of entertainment, plus it being my first time to the renovated Paradise, I found myself enjoying the new set up and addition of Rolling Rock Tall Boys to the beer list.

The Beats that are Antique, who were touring off their new album, Elektrafone, really brung it with their untouchable performance.

The open-openers, had a great afro house grove, and got asses shakin ‘n bodies warmed up, but the real surprise of the the evening was Filastine, the one-man-electronic-band from Barcelona. Dude literally plays out of and all over a shopping cart to get ridiculous hits balanced by MIDI synths, some smooth and some staccato.

Check out his video for Singularities; it’s like Koyaanisqatsi meets RJD2.

Oddly enough, my wife and I ate dinner right next to Filastine before the show, granted we were separated by a pane of glass, and an army of cockroaches deterring us from getting any closer (gotta love Alston), besides, we had no idea who he was or what type of performance he was about to drop, anyway I think he likes Pad Thai.

Also, not to leave these fellas out, I’m digging this track from Thornato sampling Ladysmith Black Mambazzo. Funny story, but Reg and Dub were working on a Laysmith Beat on Friday night… coincidence, … entirely 🙂
ladysmith black mambazo-I Love Cause ( thornato edit) by Cumba Mela Collective